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How to Use the i-Learn Portal
Friday, 3 Apr 2020 16:33

i-Learn Portal Link

1. Please log in with the Student ID (Admission Number) and  Password. If you are logging in for the first time you will have to set a password by clicking on the second green button 'Click here to Set or Reset Your password'. To Learn How to set or reset your password click here to watch a Video

2. Please click accept & allow notifications from i-Learn. By clicking ALLOW you will receive push notifications about new assignments when they are uploaded through automatic screen popup.

3. In case you have more than one child studying at IPEM International School you can select the ‘Add Another Student’ option and add your second/third child to i-Learn. This button is given just above the logout button. The advantage of  adding your second child to the i-learn panel is that you wont have to each time logout and re-login with for each child. You can simply switch between assignments pages of all your wards, without having to login seperately for each child everytime. 

4. Kindly do not click logout if it is your own personal computer or device otherwise you will have to again enter the OTP when you login. Simply close the window, then it will not ask for the OTP each time you open i-Learn  (unless you clear the browser cache). Logout option is recommended ONLY when using i-Learn on a publicly shared device or public computer eg. in a cyber cafe or when using a friend's PC or mobile device.

5. Teachers will be uploading new assignments on a regular basis and they are to be taken seriously as 10 marks will be awarded for proper completion of every assignment and will further be added to UT1. Parents must monitor that their children first watch the video links given and then complete their assignments before the dead line and as directed upload them (Click to see video ). After the last date the assignment links will not be available and they will not be given any marks for the same. The Attendance, online topic discussion with teacher, and online test feature will be added very soon.
Note:  Due to new Government orders, we are now recommending  using the Clear Scanner App for scanning Assignments in place of CamScanner. Click here to see video on how to use Clear Scanner

Last Updated On Tuesday, 29 Sep 2020 19:47