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School Motto & Crest
Monday, 16 Sep 2013 16:28
IPEM International School Crest expresses what our School stands for, its principles and its value system. The motto of the school – “Educating for Life” – is depicted upon the Crest and in also in our School Song.

The Crest
IPEM International School - Educating for LifeThe school crest is divided into three major sections with the motto of the school “Educating for Life” written in capitals on a band in the middle. All the symbols on the crest are related to the central theme of the motto and shed light upon it. First, on the top left is a star, a star on a dark background. The education imparted in this institution brightens the darkness of the world and sheds light upon the paths chosen by its pupils. It is a beacon of hope, of guidance and of glory. The top right hand section shows an upright cross upon an open Bible. This stands for the human values of the Bible i.e. brotherhood, equality and love which are the bulwark of the education imparted here. The cross depicts the spirit of service and self sacrifice inculcated in our children. The bottom half of the crest depicts Jesus Christ teaching the children. He was the model teacher and His teachings help us lead a righteous and fulfilling life.
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