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School Song
Monday, 16 Sep 2013 16:39



Verse 1

Between two rivers in the city of Prayag,
There lies our school that we love to go each day.
Where we learn to stand up tall, Help our friends if they should fall,
We will all reach together for our dreams.
And so we sing as one to the I.P.E.M. School,
Educating For Life is our golden rule.
As we give our best each day, With our teachers to show the way,
Truth and honor at our I.P.E.M School.
Verse 2
We have no race no caste no creed IN here,
We learn and play together without fear.
Service to our community,Loyalty to our country,
Will be our pride and our crowning glory.

Written by - Mr. Ivan Lamech

To view the live performance of our school song on youtube click here

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