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Monday, 16 Sep 2013 16:26
At IPEM International School we follow a student centered programme. Our aim is to provide enriching experiences to each student by planning, curricular as well as co-curricular activities at various levels of learning. This ensures an all round development of students. Our curriculum hones each student’s skills and abilities by making them grow intellectually, socially, morally and emotionally.

We aim to develop:
  • Personal and social skills.
  • Communication and interactive skills.
  • Visual and observation skills.
  • Listening comprehension skills.
  • Sound moral values.
  • Sportsmanship qualities.
  • Thinking and inferential abilities.
  • Memory and recalling abilities.
  • Creative and aesthetic development.
  • Computer skills.
  • Well balanced and adjusted personalities.
  • Project based learning skills.
  • Environmental awareness.

These are just a glimpse of the skills and abilities we aim to achieve by giving opportunities to every student. Our activities are planned so as to harness the latent talent present in each student thereby helping him/her blossom into a unique and complete individual. The environment at school is stress free. We encourage our learners to learn and apply the principles of learning experiences to real life situations as well. Our text books, work books and worksheets are carefully selected to give an impetus to learning by doing. To ensure that this well planned curricula is executed to the optimum, we maintain a small ratio of students per teacher, this also helps the teacher to give personalized care to every student.

Pre-Primary School – Classes Pre-Nursery to Prep
The school’s pre-primary curriculum is designed to provide a nurturing, creative and stimulating environment for Physical, Intellectual, Language, Social and Emotional development of the child. It prepares children for the primary level by focusing on the holistic development of the child. It lays the foundation for the development of reading, writing, number work and learning through discovery. Our Pre-Primary programme is designed to encourage interaction with the environment, active participation in-group activities and enhance creativity and problem solving in children. It stresses on providing first-hand experiences to children in ways that would ensure, development of skills related to the process of learning.

Junior School - Classes 1 to 5
The curriculum at this stage is designed to promote healthy study habits among the learners. Apart from the essential emphasis on the 4 R’s (namely – reading, writing, recitation & arithmetic) students also develop skills of discovery, observation, classification, collection, drawing inferences and the like. Subjects like English, Hindi, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Computers and Value Education are part of our daily class time-table. The environment is conducive for learning in a naturalistic and exploratory way. Participation in co-curricular activities are encouraged and given weight-age, to ensure overall development.

Middle School – Classes 6 to 8
The methodology adopted in this level enhances cognitive skills like recognition, discrimination, analysis & problem solving etc. which develop higher order thinking and reasoning abilities. At this stage we lay emphasis on learning by doing; by way of projects, presentations, group discussions, debates etc. with the help of the teachers. Communication skills both oral and written along with proficiency in Mathematics, Social studies and Science are stressed upon. Working on computers is part of the daily curriculum and is given a lot of importance so as to ensure that our students are technology savvy and keep pace with the changing times. Music, Art, Moral Education and Physical Education develop and groom a child aesthetically. Evaluation is both continuous and comprehensive which clearly reflects the progress of the child.

Secondary School – Classes 9 & 10 (I.C.S.E)
The school is proud to be affiliated to the ICSE Board, New Delhi (Council For Indian School Certificate Examinations). IPEM International School chose to seek affiliation with the CISCE as it is the only exam board that ensures high international standards in English, and it has an internationally recognized curriculum, which helps students benefit from global opportunities. Due to its international standards, the United Kingdom’s Admissions and Accreditation agency UCAS (Universities and College Admission Services) also recognizes ISC at par with UK’s high school qualification. The school has very experienced and dedicated teachers and provides the best infrastructure so that its students can excel in their board exams. By maintaining a very low student teacher ratio and with the help of special tutorials we ensure that every child receives maximum individual attention at this crucial stage of their education.

College Section – Classes 11 & 12 (I.S.C)
At the Intermediate level the College section of the school is affiliated to the ISC Board of the Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations. The school has excellent labs along with very experienced teachers and a very low student teacher ratio so that our students have the best opportunity to do extremely well at the final stage of their schooling. The school also provides students at this crucial juncture of their life with counseling and guidance services so that they can make the best career choice based on their aptitude, achievement and interest. Facility for integrated preparation programme for Engineering and Medical entrance tests will also be introduced shortly.


The school follows a ‘life centered curriculum’ where we stress not only on knowledge for its own sake but, intrinsic value for an enhanced insight into the nature of things and knowledge. Our curriculum focuses on developing a positive attitude towards learning and studies among pupils. It is comprehensive, balanced and research based, yet, sensitive to changes in educational trends.

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