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iFiesta 2023
Wednesday, 17 Jan 2024 16:28

i- Fiesta 2023
Annual Concert Photographs and Video Downloads

Please use the google drive link to download high resolution photos. Videos have already been uploaded on youtube.


Pre – Primary and Class 1

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Primary School (Class 2 to 5)

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Middle School (Class 6 to 8)

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Press Release: 

IPEM International School and College Organizes Cultural Extravaganza “I-Fest” 2023

IPEM International School & College organised a two day cultural fest, ‘i-Fiesta 2023’ on 9th and 11th  December 2023 at the ‘Liddle Hall’, S.P. Marg, Civil Lines,  Allahabad.

The Pre-primary programme titled ‘Whiz into Space, Go Beyond the Horizon” started with a special prayer followed by the marvellous presentation of items like ‘Starstruck Sync’, ‘Extraterrestrial Elegance’, ‘Galactic Grace’, ‘Alien Beats’, ‘Celestial Steps’, ‘Cosmic Chronicles’ and ‘Temporal Rhythms’. Later on the tiny tots enthralled the spectators with the Hindi Skit‘ Kalam ko Salaam’. It was followed by a message from the Chief Guest of the day Mr. Nitin Sharma, General Secretary Allahabad High Court Bar Association, Prayagraj.

On the second day the Middle school and Primary section programme titled ‘Echoes of the Past, Vision of the Future’ kicked off with the  dance drama performance by Yasmin House ‘A Tale of Love, Sacrifice & Self Realisation’ followed by the Hindi drama ‘Aadate, Ehsaas aur Sankalp’, dance drama of Rosa House‘Unsilenced Voices’, English Skit‘ The Witches’,dance drama by Bluebell House ‘Giving up is Never an Option’, Hindi skit ‘Swayamvar-Matrimony’ and dance drama by Greenovia House ‘An Eternal Bond’. The Primary Fest held in the afternoon included mesmerizing performances like English story enactment titled‘A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed’ and ‘Always Love & Respect Your Elders, English play ‘The Storyteller’, Hindi skit ‘Gao ki Thitholi’ and dance  renditions titled‘ Dance through the Ages’, ‘Technomania’, and ‘A Tribute to our Timeless Choreographers’.

Following an inspiring message by the Director and Principal, Dr. S.D. Liddle  the two day spectacular event came to an end with the vote of thanks by the College Captain, Amita Yadav, and the singing of the School song & the National Anthem.

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