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Fee Structure
Monday, 16 Sep 2013 16:29
  Annual Composite Fee Quarterly Instalment
  2018-19 2019-20, 2020-21, 2021-22 2022-23 2021-22  2022-23
Nur to Prep 28550 31000 34000 7750 8500
Class 1 to 5 32750 35600 39200 8900 9800
Class 6 to 8 37350 40600 44600 10150 11150
Class 9 & 10 (Commerce) 41350 45000 49600 11250 12400
Class 9 & 10 (Science) 46550 50600 55400 12650 13850
Class 11 & 12 (Commerce) 41750 45400 50000 11350 12500
Class 11 & 12 (Science) 49150 53400 58400 13350 14600

1. Fee in 2021-22 will be charged as per fee of 2019-20 as per UP Government Order dated 20 May 2021 (11/2021/1040/15-7-2020-1(20)/2020).   Fee in 2022-23 has been increased as per the UP Fee Regulation Act. 
2.  For parents who are suffering financially due to Covid19, on submission satisfactory evidence along with a written application, they will be allowed the optional facility of Flexi-Pay.  Under FLEXI-PAY – parents whose application has been approved by the school, will not need to submit the quarterly fee in advance, but deposit it at any time, before the end of the quarter, without any late fee or fine. For example; April, May and June month fee (1st Quarter) can be saved by the parents with themselves, and then later deposited all together at any date between 1st April and 30th June without any late fee or charges. Flexi Pay will reduce the burden of paying three months fee in advance at the same time help the school to reduce the number of visits by a parent to deposit fee, thereby reducing the human contact and risk of Covid19. Please note flexi-pay applications along with satisfactory documentary evidence will have to be submitted before the start of the quarter to avail flexi-pay.

3. To Pay Fee of the current year(2022-23),  first all fee due in the previous year (2021-22) has to be paid at the school counter.

4. Those Students who have paid the previously increased fee on or before 21- May 2021,  excess amount will be adjusted in quarter 4 fee (including new admissions). PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR LIST OF STUDENTS WHOSE FEE WILL BE ADJUSTED



Timely payment of fee helps us to pay our teachers and workers on time.  The school appeals to all parents to kindly pay the fee on-time  

(NEW ADMISSIONS ONLY - Academic Year 2022-2023)

CLASSES (2021-22)

Admission Fee

1st Quarter Fee (Apr-Jun) (Rs.)

Total Fee Payable (Rs.) at the time of admission

Pre-Nur to Prep




Class 1 to 5




Class 6 to 8




Class 9 & 10 (Commerce)




Class 9 & 10 (Science)




Class 11 & 12 (Commerce)




Class 11 & 12 (Science)




Fee paid at the time of admission is non-refundable.


1.As per the Uttar Pradesh Self-Financed Independent Schools (Fee regulation) Act, Annual Composite Fee will be charged for the year in 4 equal instalments (Quarterly) as shown above. Quarterly Instalments will be Payable in April, July, October and January of the academic year. Since the school does not provide day boarding or school owned transport services therefore the Annual Composite Fee is  charged for Tuition only (does not contain day boarding, sports/games, lab, library or transport fee). The Annual Composite Fee does NOT include the One-Time Admission Fee payable at the time of admission (for new admissions only).

2. One time Admission Fee (paid at the time of admission) for classes Nur-Prep 8 will be Rs. 15000, 1-8 will be Rs. 18,000 and for Class 9-12 will be Rs. 20,000. Admission form for 2022-23 will be available for Rs. 1500. 

3. Bank will accept fee only in cash. Fee will be paid at the Bank Counter at SOUTH INDIAN Bank, 37 Colvin Road (Opposite GHS). Civil Lines. Allahabad, during banking hours. Fee can also be paid online on the school website

4. After the Last Date for Payment (i.e the 15th day of the beginning of the Quarter), Fee will be paid at the Bank Counter or  online on the school website along with a Late fee of Rs. 50/- . 

5. After the end of the 1st month of the quarter fee, will be deposited at the school fee counter with a Defaulter fine Rs.500 per qtr. Facility of POS (Card Swipe) machine is available at school fee counter (For payment after last date with defaulter fine). If quarterly fee is not paid before the end of the 1st month of the quarter the school may at anytime remove the name of the student from the school rolls and re-allot the seat to the new admission waiting list.

6.Kindly read the detailed instructions about the fee & Terms and conditions in the Fee-book, School Diary & Admission form. If you have any doubt please consult the School Public Relations officer. Fee once paid is not refundable. Fee is subject to annual revision of upto 5% plus Consumer Price Index.

7. Parents must inform the school when they withdraw their ward by immediately filling the withdrawal/TC form. For issue of TC all fee must be paid till date of application for withdrawal/TC. Parents who withdraw their wards without filling withdrawal/TC form, will have to pay all fee due till date of submission of withdrawal/TC form (whether or not their ward is attending school), without which no TC will be issued. Please see the fee book and our website for terms for withdrawal.


Dear Parents,

As we are rapidly moving towards a cashless society our School has launched ONLINE FEE PAYMENT FACILITY on our website. WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO SUPPORT THE DIGITAL INDIA INITIATIVE OF THE GOVT & Pay your ward's School Fee online using your credit/debit card or netbanking.

 Online fee payment allows you to pay your ward's fee anytime ie. 24x7 ( as per the fee schedule) from the convenience of your home using your Computer or mobile device. It saves you the hassle of going to the bank and standing in a queue, it also saves your transport costs (to visit the bank) and helps conserve fuel. THERE ARE NO BANK/GATEWAY CHARGES APPLICABLE FOR ONLINE FEE PAYMENT AND ONLY NET FEE AMOUNT WILL BE CHARGED. When paying the Fee online please ensure that you do not close the browser window or open any other window  or press the refresh button till the fee receipt is displayed on the screen (even if you see that there is no activity for 3-5 minutes).

 To learn how to pay the school fee online click the 'How to Pay' link under the 'FEE PAYMENT' section of our website. 


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