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Tuesday, 17 Sep 2013 13:06

Dear Applicant,
Being an ISC affiliated English Medium School it is our primary requirement that all our teachers are able to speak, write & communicate effortlessly and fluently in English, with correct pronunciation and grammar. The Second mandatory requirement is B.Ed/TTC/L.T. There can be NO exceptions to these requirements (except English requirement for Hindi/Sanskrit Teachers and B.Ed requirement for PTI/ Music Teacher). All teaching is done ONLY in ENGLISH (except in the Hindi/Sanskrit  class). During the interview a Test of Spoken English will be administered for all applicants irrespective of their subject. 

ONLY ONLINE APPLICATIONS ARE ACCEPTED (NO PAPER/EMAIL APPLICATIONS ACCEPTED) - Click on the link given at the end of this page to Apply after reading the requirements for each post.


PGT - Economics:

(Minimum Starting Salary: Rs.35000+ p.m if all conditions are met)

M.A Economics (Regular) from a reputed University +  B.Ed with at least 3 years teaching experience in Economics to Class 12 (ISC/CBSE). The Candidate must be able to write, speak & communicate effortlessly, fluently & clearly in English. Candidates should have completed their education in an English Medium school. A written test will be administered of class XII level ( ISC Level Economics) and successful candidates will be interviewed. During the interview the candidates' spoken English will also be evaluated. Candidates are expected to have an in-depth subject knowledge and be in regular touch with their subject. They are also required to be up to date with the ISC/CBSE Economics syllabus of Class 12. Candidates will be asked to make a micro-presentation on any topic given to them from the Class 12 (ISC) Econimics syllabus during the interview. Candidates will require to own their own laptop/PC at home and be proficient in using Zoom Meetings, MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Kindly apply for this post ONLY IF YOU MEET ALL THESE CONDITIONS.  

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(Minimum Starting Salary: Rs.30000+ p.m if all conditions are met)

Graduate and preferably less than 45 years old. Should be proficient in playing the Keyboard (with chords/ both hands) and Spanish Guitar and one percussion instrument. Candidate must be also a good vocalist and play and sing Western Songs and be able to prepare the school choir for events. Candidates who are only proficient in Indian classical music or play the Keyboard one handed in Harmonium style, should NOT apply unless they are also proficient in western music and meet the conditions given.  The Candidates must be fluent in English and be proficient in using Zoom Meetings and basic music related software. Kindly apply for this post ONLY IF YOU MEET ALL THESE CONDITIONS.

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Primary/Pre-Primary School Teacher (PST/PRT):

Studied throughout in an ICSE or English medium CBSE affiliated school with over 65% Marks in English in class 10 & 12.  TTC or B.Ed. Degree (from a N.C.T.E approved College/University). The Candidate should preferably be Female, less than 40 years old, and very entergetic & creative. The Candidate must be able to speak & communicate effortlessly & fluently in English with correct pronunciation & grammar. Candidates with prior teaching experience at the Pre-primary level in a reputed ICSE/CBSE/Nursery school will be preferred. A Spoken English fluency test will be administered at the time of Interview.

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1.All candidates must be proficient in computers and must know how to use the internet for research, be able to fillout online forms, have a resonable experience using MS Word and MS Excel. 2. No email / paper biodatas will accepted only online applications will be accepted, please read the requirements very carefully before applying). The advantage of applying online is that your application remains in our system and is recalled for all future vacancies fitting your profile. You can also apply online for posts not advertised, so that your application is recalled from our database in case we have a vacancy in future.3. IPEM International School is located in Civil Lines (city center) and offers one of the best salary packages & career growth rates among top private schools of the city.  Candidates who can produce proof of enrollment in B.Ed (Distance learning/correcpondence) will also be considered, on condition that B.Ed. must be completed within 1 1/2 years from date of appointment.

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