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i-Learn Portal Press Release
Friday, 3 Apr 2020 16:50


IPEM International School Launches its i-Learn Online Learning Portal 


The global outbreak of the Novel Corona Virus (COVID – 19) has impacted every single aspect of human life, with disruption to school life being no exception. Hence IPEM International School decided to ensure that even if the classroom has stopped education shouldn’t, and there should be no quarantine to learning.

IPEM International School has therefore launched its new i-learn portal, which is fully integrated with its school management ERP. Students can now securely and efficiently access the i-Learn platform using any internet device. i-Learn allows students to watch attend live classes, watch video lessons, download pdf chapters of books, assignments, worksheets and submit them as well. Online tests are also administered via this platform. Using the i-learn platform students will be able to communicate with their subject teachers via email and instant messaging. On the other hand teachers will be able to use the platform to give assignments, worksheets, load video lessons, give tests and send messages via SMS and push web notifications to both students and parents.  

The software has been designed especially keeping in mind that internet bandwidth and reliability can vary in different areas of the city, and that students do not lose out due to temporary disruption of internet services or speed drops. The i-Learn platform has been jointly developed by Dr. S.D.Liddle and Mr. Gaurav Agarwal along with his technical team at Cyber Networks Prayagraj.


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