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Birthdays Today

Friday, 3 Apr 2020 12:12

Dear Parents,

Greetings from IPEM International School & College! At the onset, we would like to convey our heartiest congratulations to you, and your ward for being promoted to a higher level of learning. 


The institution envisages an all round and balanced education based on sound intellectual, physical, moral and social formation. The aim is to make students erudite, patriotic, law abiding and ceaselessly seek excellence with deep concern for the well-being of the entire universe based on our motto “Educating for life ". We wish that whatever the students learn from us will enable them to stand in good stead in every situation. It will guide and make their life successful and happy.   


As we face the challenge of coping with the threat of corona virus and follow the guidelines issued by the government from time to time to tide over it, we are working constantly to gainfully engage your ward and keep him/her occupied meaningfully. Ever since the school closed down as per the Govt. orders to maintain social distancing, we have been ceaselessly working from home, in order to start the new academic session, virtually online. A schedule for each class has already been prepared by the teachers. Online classes, study links and assignments will be provided for all classes via our in-house i-Learn platform, which we will be launching today (Apr 3, 2020). You are requested to be with your child and monitor them to cope with the studies. Teachers will be available to answer all the queries. 


We request you to not be disheartened at this time, but accept this as a God sent opportunity to closely spend quality time with your children and watch all their activities. Foster empathy, honesty, self-reliance, self-control, kindness, cooperation and cheerfulness in them. Discuss with them how important it is to follow the law and order to maintain a safer world for everyone. Children look up to their parents and typically imitate things that they see them doing on a daily basis. So teach your kids the importance of cleaning the trash; not littering; being kind to trees, plants and other living things and doing their bit by helping out in the daily chores and activities of the household. Be mindful of the things that you say and do while you are with your children, as they observe and emulate each and every little thing that their parents do, especially if they are breaking the rules.                         


We request you to be law-abiding citizens and role model parents; because learning starts at home. As parents, we implore you to guide your child on the right track as you have always been doing. This will ensure success later in life.


We are hopeful and positive that your personal care, cooperation and nurturing will go a long way in shaping a bright future of your ward. 


Stay home, stay healthy.


Dr. S.D.Liddle                 Mrs. Serene Liddle
Principal                         Additional Director



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