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IPEM International School
Monday, 16 Sep 2013 11:04



WRITTEN ENTRANCE TEST will be held for students seeking admission in Classes 2 to 9 on Wed 21-03-2018 at IPEM INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL  - S.P Marg Campus (Near Hira Halwai/Tanishq). Parents must reach their ward along with the Duly Filled Admission Forms & all required documents (given in the form) at 8:45am sharp. Students must carry their Pencil box. Parents are to pickup their ward at 11am. Seats for class 2 to 9 are only available against TC/WITHDRAWALS and those who have obtained the forms will be informed by SMS regarding the admission status.

Monday, 19 Mar 2018 08:39
ISC & ICSE Results 2017
Friday, 6 May 2016 11:45


Wednesday, 10 Jan 2018 11:44
Wednesday, 10 Jan 2018 11:39

Wednesday, 10 Jan 2018 11:42
Teacher Vacancies
Tuesday, 17 Sep 2013 07:36

Primary/Pre-Primary School Teacher

Studied throughout in an English medium school - preferably ICSE/CBSE affiliated school with over 65% Marks in English in class 10 & 12.  TTC or B.Ed. Degree (from a N.C.T.E approved College/University). The Candidate must be able to speak & communicate fluently in English with correct pronunciation. Candidates with prior teaching experience at the Pre-primary level in a reputed ICSE/CBSE/Nursery school will be preferred. Candidates must possess very good subject knowledge of the subjects they have studied at the school level. A Spoken English fluency test will be administered at the time of Interview. Click here to Apply Online

TGT Computer:

Preferably studied in an English Medium school. Hold an BCA or MCA degree or equivalent and preferably a B.Ed. The Candidate must be able to speak & communicate fluently in English. Candidates with prior teaching experience of computer science at class 8 level or above in a reputed ICSE/CBSE school will be preferred. Candidates must possess very good subject knowledge of the subjects they have studied at the BCA / MCA Level with an indepth understanding of Java (using Blue J), MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, MS Access, SQL, . A written test will be administered of class XII level containing Java programming and MS access before the Interview. Candidates are expected to be in touch with their subject and up to date with the latest related technlogies and will be tested on the same.  Click here to Apply Online


1.All candidates must be proficient in computers and must know how to use the internet for research, be able to fillout online forms, have a resonable experience using MS Word and MS Excel. 2. No email / paper biodatas will accepted only online applications will be accepted, please read the requirements very carefully before applying). The advantage of applying online is that your application remains in our system and is recalled for all future vacancies fitting your profile. You can also apply online for posts not advertised, so that your application is recalled from our database in case we have a vacancy in future.3. IPEM International School is located in Civil Lines (city center) and offers one of the best salary packages & career growth rates among top private schools of the city.   Click here to Apply Online 

Wednesday, 10 Jan 2018 11:38
School Choir Performances
Tuesday, 17 Sep 2013 07:37
IPEM International School Choir Performances

Click on links below for performances broadcast on

1. 'Imagine

2. 'We are the world' performed at the Founder's day 2014 & dedicated to the Children living the conflict zones throughout the world

Wednesday, 10 Jan 2018 11:18