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Thursday, 30 Apr 2020 19:42

Dear Parents,

We have received some suggestions to use Zoom and other free online meeting platforms to conduct live classes. We at IPEM International School have developed our own i-Learn platform after considering many factors; and the reason for not using free online meeting platforms for live classes are below:

1.    STRESS FACTOR: With live classes students have to spend 5-6 hours continuously in-front of a screen of a laptop or mobile which causes a lot of strain on their eyes and causes severe fatigue and danger of overheating of devices etc.  We are giving one-subject-per day assignments which include to-the-point Video Lessons, PDF e-book of chapters and exercises and facility to discuss assignment related questions via chat.  The assignment and chapter PDF can be printed using any printer and read like a paper book, and the Video lesson can even be watched on a big screen smart TV using the YouTube link given in the PDF. The PDF is also compatible with e-readers like Kindle. Therefore the app aims to reduce the screen time spent each day on studying, thereby reducing stress.  

2.    MINIMAL REQUIREMENTS: The i-Learn app only requires an internet browser to work, that means it can work on almost any internet enabled device like a PC, mobile or a smart TV with an internet browser.

3.    USING SHARED DEVICES: In many homes there is more than one child using online classes and students are sharing the laptops/mobiles with their brothers, sisters and parents. Therefore in such cases live classes would not be possible unless each student is equipped with a separate mobile / laptop.  Our i-Learn allows more than one student to log in from the same device and easily share the device at different times.


4.    INTERNET DISRUPTIONS DON’T AFFECT IT: In most parts of our city there are disruptions in internet connectivity and internet speed drops which make live classes unreliable as many students miss out on the class. Our system uses asynchronous learning so the student can access anytime during the day and internet disruptions do not affect the class as they can resume it anytime and re-play video lessons unlimited times. 


5.    DISCUSS FEATURE:  The i-Learn allows students to ask their teachers questions related to an assignment any time during the day and the teacher will answer all questions asked before the end of the day. All students who have access to the assignment can see these questions and answers and common doubts are easily cleared out.  Therefore the interactive aspect of the live learning aspect is well taken care of.


6.    MULTIMEDIA TOOLSMost of the schools conducting LIVE classes using zoom & similar platforms, ARE NOT making use of multimedia presentation tools or video editors such as Powerpoint, Kinemaster etc. Their teachers are mostly using only traditional chalk-and-talk method with poor audio and visual quality.  IPEM’s i-Learn on the other hand allows teachers to make their own video lessons more attractive by using the best available presentation and editing software and inserting graphics and images to their lessons and making their classes more lively, interesting and demonstrative.


7.    INTEGRATED:   Most free messaging and meeting platforms are not integrated with the school student management system (ERP) so the school cannot keep a synced automatic attendance of students, cannot perform automated class management tasks, and have to replicate and maintain parallel databases of students, attendance, marks etc which results in the possibility of too many human errors and huge administrative overheads. This is one of the reasons why we did not opt for third party software applications.


8.    SECURITY ISSUE:  Some platforms like zoom allow all persons to access an online class who have been sent a meeting invite, and sometimes students share these links with outside school students who enter the virtual class only to cause mischief and disturbance.  Earlier there were other privacy and security issues with platforms like zoom due to which they were banned in several organizations including government organizations, however that problem has now been resolved to a large extent.


9.    ACTIVE MONITORING:  Our own i-Learn platform allows the Principal, Assistant Director and coordinators to actively monitor classes, discussions and assignments.  For example if a student asks a question we will know if a teacher does not answer it in a reasonable amount of time.  We can check at anytime how many students downloaded the assignment or were active on i-Learn. We can also monitor each lesson and assignment given for quality. Achieving this with multiple live classes happening all at the same time would be quite impossible.


10. AUTOMATIC NOTIFICATIONS:  Our school’s i-Learn internet learning platform sends pop up notifications automatically to students as soon as a new assignment is loaded. So parents and students are instantly updated. This is not possible with free meeting apps.


11. ABILITY TO CONDUCT ONLINE TESTS:  Most online messaging and meeting apps like zoom don’t have the ability to conduct an online test which is possible through i-Learn and if the lock down period is extended we will use it to conduct online tests.


12. ABILITY TO USE EXTERNAL RESOURCES:  Another great feature of i-Learn which other online meeting platforms do not provide is that we can include outside links. On the internet there are many people developing learning content, including publishers of prescribed books. The i-Learn platform allows us to map these resources to our assignments for better learning and wider outlook.


13. INSTALLATION OF MULTIPLE PLATFORMS AND APPS NOT REQUIRED:   Many schools using online meeting platforms like zoom have to rely on other apps like whatsapp (for sending invites and notifications),  which  requires installing more than one app and keeping track of it. With i-Learn everything is integrated in one app which also doesn’t need to be installed but works on any Iinternet browser.


 The i-Learn platform can easily support sharing of  web meeting invites to leverage free meeting platforms like zoom for live classes, however due to the above reasons we are not currently using that facility.  Please view the Youtube link given below to know more about our i-Learn Internet learning platform which has been very thoughtfully developed by us for your child.


Dr. S.D. Liddle 
IPEM International School.



Last Updated On Saturday, 9 May 2020 15:40