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How to Pay
Friday, 9 Dec 2016 09:39


1. Go to the Online Fee payment Page (Click Here)

2. Enter the  Student ID.
  Note the Student ID  is the Numeric part of the student registration number before the slash sign. Example. 
If your wards student registration number is 2872/P/14 . His/ Her ID number is 2872   . Student ID number is also printed on your wards Student Identity Card.  In case you have FORGOTTEN your ward's ID Click Here

3. Enter your Registered mobile number.  
    Registered mobile number is the one on which you receive SMS updates & notices from the school.

4. Click on submit button. Now you will be shown your ward's details.  Enter your email address (if not available). Click on Pay Now.  You will then be redirected to the secure payment gateway.

5. Please do not press back or refresh button during the payment process. Follow the steps as you do any online payment using the Debit/Credit card or Netbanking option.

6. Once the transaction is successful you will be redirected back to the school website from where you can print the receipt. Your ward's class teacher will also be notified by SMS about the online fee deposit.

7. Submit a print out of the online fee receipt to the Class teacher and school office (your ward can submit). All online fee receipts are double verified online from payment gateway



1. Online fee deposit facility will be available as per the fee schedule given below:



1st Quarter (Q1)

2nd Quarter (Q2)

3rd Quarter (Q3)

4th Quarter (Q4)
(Jan-Feb- Mar)

Due Date of Fee

1st April

1st July

1st Oct

1st Jan

Dates for Online Payment

01 Apr - 15 Apr

01 Jul - 15 Jul

01 Oct - 14 Dec

01 Dec - 31 Jan

Dates for Online Payment
(with Late Fee of Rs.50/-)

16 Apr - 30 Apr

16 Jul - 31 Jul

16 Oct - 01 Nov

16 Jan

2. After the last date of payment with late fee,  the fee can be paid at the School Fee Counter at our S.P Marg Campus with Defaulter Fine of Rs. 500/-. Defaulter fine of Rs 500/- will be charged after the end of the 1st month of each quarter (i.e from 1 May/ 1Aug /1 Nov / 1 Feb). Facility to pay by debit card or credit card will soon be available at the Fee counter (with Fine). Only valid legal tender will be accepted at the School Fee Counter.

3. For check fee structure please click here 

4. Payment Gateway charges will be added by the payment gateway to the fee amount and these charges are non-refundable (as per the schedule given below). These charges are made by the bank/payment gateway and the school does not have anything to do with these charges.

Debit Cards

1% of Total Fee Amount

Credit Cards

1.1% of Total Fee Amount

Net Banking

Rs.17/- (flat charge added to Total Fee Amount)

5. Please refer to policies, terms and conditions, and other important information given in the footer section of this website.

6. Parents having Rupay cards can use their banks Netbanking facility while making payments, by selecting the netbanking option while selecting the payment option. Presently our payment gateway does not support Rupay Cards. 


The online fee payment involves complex system of technical and telecommunication networking integration between parents’s Internet bandwidth, IT system of banks and payment gateways and is dependent on internet connectivity across various constituents. Any failure or delay in this complex network may cause transaction failure before completion.  In case of any payment failure at the time of online fee payment, if any funds are transferred into the school account, they will be refunded or adjusted against the fee payment transaction which failed. The school will not be responsible for refund/adjustment of any money which has not been actually credited to the school account, owing to failed transactions. Usually in such rare cases, the payment gateway company / bank automatically refunds the money within 10 working days. This happens in very rare cases and if this happens the school will make every effort to resolve an issue as early as possible and provide all necessary information to the parent in case of a complaint. 

Incase a payment has failed and the money has been deducted from the parents bank/card and is not refunded within 10 working days, the parent must submit a written complaint to the school office giving the details of the transaction:
a) Student Name        b) Student ID          c) Registerred Mobile Number
d) Transaction Date   e) Name of  Card / Netbanking used Eg: HDFC Debit Card or ICICI credit Card or Axis Bank Netbanking etc.
f)  Copy of page of bank statement / credit card/debit card showing the deduction and transactions for the next 10 days after the date of deduction.  



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