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Fee Structure
Monday, 16 Sep 2013 10:59

Click here to Download 2018-2019 Fee Structure & Fee Schedule



1.     Tuition fee will be charged for 12 months in the year; in 4 Installments (Quarterly). Payable in April, July, October and January of the academic year. Annual charges for Magazine, I-Card, Diary, SMS/Ecare services etc. will be charged along with 1st Quarter fee. Students opting for Computer Science in Class 11 & 12 will have to pay Computer Science fee of Rs. 2300 every quarter at the school fee counter (not to be paid at bank) directly and obtain a cash receipt. Facility of POS (Card Swipe) machine is available at school fee counter for payment of computer fee.

2.     Bank will accept fee only in cash. Fee will be paid at the Bank Counter at SOUTH INDIAN Bank, 37 Colvin Road (Opposite GHS). Civil Lines. Allahabad, during banking hours. Fee can also be paid online on the school website . Parent's are encouraged to pay their ward's fee online.

3.      After the Last Date for Payment (i.e the 15th day of the beginning of the Quarter), Fee will be paid at the Bank Counter or  online on the school website along with a Late fee of Rs. 50/- .

4.     After the end of the 1st month of the quarter fee, will be deposited at the school fee counter with a Defaulter fine Rs. 500 per qtr. Facility of POS (Card Swipe) machine is available at school fee counter for fee paid with defaulter fine.

5.     Kindly read the detailed instructions about the fee & Terms and conditions in the Fee-book, School Diary & Admission form. If you have any doubt please consult the School Public Relations officer. Fee once paid is not refundable. Fee is subject to annual revision.

6.     Parents must inform the school when they withdraw their ward by immediately filling the withdrawal/TC form. For issue of TC all fee must be paid till date of application for withdrawal/TC. Parents who withdraw their wards without filling withdrawal/TC form, will have to pay all fee due till date of submission of withdrawal/TC form (whether or not their ward is attending school), without which no TC will be issued. Please see the fee book and our website for terms for withdrawal.



Dear Parents,
As we are rapidly moving towards a cashless society our School has launched ONLINE FEE PAYMENT FACILITY on our website. WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO SUPPORT THE DIGITAL INDIA INITIATIVE OF THE GOVT & Pay your ward's School Fee online using your credit/debit card or netbanking.


Online fee payment allows you to pay your ward's fee anytime ie. 24x7 ( as per the fee schedule) from the convenience of your home using your Computer or mobile device. It saves you the hassle of going to the bank and standing in a queue, it also saves your transport costs (to visit the bank) and helps conserve fuel.


To learn how to pay the school fee online click the 'How to Pay' link under the 'FEE PAYMENT' section of our website. 


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