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Birthdays Today

Monday, 18 Jul 2022 13:06

IPEM presented its 12th Batch of ICSE in 2022 and the students performed superbly yet again, all the students have passed with Distinction (above 83%). For the twelfth consecutive year all the students of IPEM International School have passed with first division marks. The IPEM International School ICSE topper of 2022 is Shikar Yadav who has scored 98.67% Aggregate and stood 3rd in the District of Prayagraj (Allahabad). More than 76% students who appeared, secured an aggregate of above 90% and the Lowest aggregate score obtained is 83.2% (above distinction). The average aggregate percentage of the entire I.C.S.E 2022 batch is 92.3%.


ICSE 2022 toppers are

Shikhar Yadav (98.7%) , Kaveri (97.8%) , Akansh Dwivedi (97.6%), Navya Tiwari (97.4%), Ashvind Yadav (97.2%).

ICSE 2022 Subject Toppers are: 

Computer Applications: 100 (Aditya Chatterjee, Akansh Dwivedi, Ashvind Yadav, Lavnya Gupta, Rohan kumar, Shikhar Yadav), Environmental Application: 99 (Suyashi Tiwari). Economics: 100 (Imra Fatima, Kaveri, Navya Tiwari). History Civics & Geography: 100 (Shikhar Yadav). Hindi:99 (Shikhar Yadav), Commercial Studies: 100 (Rishi Soni), Science: 99 (Shikhar Yadav), Math: 100 (Atifa Ubaid, Utkarsh Bajpai), English : 98 (Lucky Chauhan)

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